The Cioccolato di Modica PAT is an Italian national delicacy mainly produced in the town of Modica (Ragusa, Sicily), thus giving its name.

Unlike other chocolate making processes it is achieved by using an ancient cold manufacturing process (under a temperature if 40 degrees celsius), also is natural butter is kept and not discarded during its preparation.

Sicily-Authentica_CioccolatoModicano3The mass is obtained by grinding and toasting cocoa beans (which originate from Sao Tomé in Africa) and mixing them with sugar and other aromas (commonly cinnamon, citrus peel, salt, chili) The Cocoa mass percentage is kept at minimum of 65% and brought up to 90% in the purest of versions.

By keeping the temperature below 40 degrees the sugar will keep its crystal form and will not melt nor blend together with the chocolate and so giving to the CIOCCOLATO DI MODICA  its distinctive feature.

Taste it at its best accompanied with  aromatic spirits such as; Grappa, Rum, Brandies or Whiskies.

Also widely used in Desserts, as a key ingredient or simply as a garnish.