Olio D’oliva Monti Iblei DOP is an Extra Virgin Olive Oil made in the Iblean Mountains of Sicily and more precisely in the areas of Ragusa, Siracusa and Catania the area covers globally 19,000 hectares.

The quality of this aromatic and delicate oil is renowned worldwide and has been awarded many quality recognitions over the years for its characteristics, obtained by applying production protocols that has spanned over 2000 years.

The disciplinary body that regulates the attribution of the DOP MONTI IBLEI recognition is particularly strict and ruled by 5 main characteristics: terroir (lands where the olive trees are planted), variety of olives used, period of harvest, manufacturing procedure and degree of acidity.

Terroir: there are 8 sub-areas within the Monti Iblei’s Olive oil terroir namely Gulfi, Monte Lauro, Val d’Anapo, Val Tellaro, Frigintini, Valle dell’ Irminio, Calatino, Trigona-Pancali.

Olive Variety: the Olive varieties used when producing the Extra Virgin Olive Oil MONTI IBLEI DOP must be Tonda Iblea, Nocellara Etnea and Moresca. Their percentage of use varies depending on the terroir of origin, and with regards to the Gulfi Area, probably the most appreciated amongst the experts, the Tonda Iblea must be present for at least 90%, the other two varieties can be used combined for a maximum percentage of 10%.

Period of Harvest: Autumn – from the 1st October to the 30th November.

Manufacturing procedures: the olives must be selected manually and softly pressed at low temperatures within 48 hours from their harvest, no further mechanic or chemic extraction is allowed, to ensure that the oil’s organoleptic characteristics can not be modified and will remain authentic.

Degree of Acidity: the degree of Acidity of the Extra Virgin Olive Oil MONTI IBLEI DOP must be below 0,60 grams of oleic acid per liter (considerably lower than any other Verging Olive Oil distributed in the Market, averaging between 1.5 and 2 grams per liter).

Characteristics and taste: the Extra Virgin Olive oil MONTI IBLEI DOP presents itself in a green color, fresh on the nose with hints of green tomatoes and freshly cut wet grass, fruity and slightly spicy on the palate.

Its unique taste can be appreciated at best raw and simply accompanied by fresh bread, raw meat or fish carpaccio or tartar.

It can also be a key ingredient as a finishing touch poured over roasted food such as Mediterranean vegetables, fish or beef.

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